Recently I was telling some family members that I opposed war on the grounds that most of the time it has nothing to do with self-defense, and that it always leads to the taking of innocent life (“innocent” is here defined as someone who is not trying to commit, or already guilty of, a capital crime.  It is not defined as absolute moral innocence, which no person has.)  The response was “Should evil just be allowed to continue?”

Of course, this is a cop out.  “Evil” is such a broad word that it can easily refer to every person, and certainly every nation-state.  This includes the US.  But… if we’re ranking countries based on their evil, which ones are the most evil?

It seems pretty clear to me that it is the US.  Oh, we may be freer here than other places, but that’s hardly the point (its also extremely difficult to prove.)  Most nation-states limit their evil to their own borders.  It is the United States who  is guilty of drone bombing children in other countries.  It is the United States (And its allies) who invaded Iraq without provocation in 2003.  It is the United States that is the “Leader of the Free World” (What a paradoxical term) and yet denies human rights to millions of its own people, including the unborn, anyone murdered by a police officer, anyone arrested under the “War on Drugs”, the list could go on and on.

Is a country that steals half the average person’s income, and has the highest prison population per capita in the world, really fit to tell any other country how to live?

I guess if you’re a neocon authoritarian.  They’ll always be around.  And as for those of us with morality, we’ll continue to expose them as the murderous authoritarians that they are.


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