This page will be a collection of articles on the internet about faith or politics that I found interesting or worth reading.   They are not necessarily articles I agree with absolutely, 100% on every point.  As I find other articles I find interesting, I will edit this post, and will post on the blog each time I do so so that it is easy to tell when this page is updated.   I’ll provide some brief commentary on each one, but will likely not nitpick every minor point, so if you’re not sure whether I agree with an author on something, please ask rather than assume.

/New Testament Theology of the State, By Norman Horn

I couldn’t think of much that I didn’t agree with in this article.  Its been awhile since I’ve read through it in its entirety, but to memory I agree with everything he says.

The Bible and the Draft, By John Robbins (Trinity Foundation)

This is a rock solid analysis of why the draft is  wrong from a Biblical perspective.  And while from what I have heard Robbins was personally a minarchist, and not an anarchist, the arguments presented here nonetheless strike at the foundation of the state, even if Robbins was occasionally inconsistent with it.

The Messianic Character of US Foreign Policy, By John Robbins (Trinity Foundation)

This is one of the best explanations I’ve seen of why pro-Israel Zionism is not Biblical.  Its a hard-hitting article, but nonetheless fantastic.  The short summary of this is that, ultimately, neither Catholicism nor Judaism is Christianity any more than Islam is, and all three (Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam) have been involved in religious wars, not just Islam.

American Atrocities, by Marc Carpenter

I do somewhat hestitate to recommend this at all simply because of who the author is.  I did deliberately post the PDF version of the article so it would at least take a little bit of effort to access the rest of his writing, rather than being sucked into it.  Let me suffice to say that the man declares people “unregenerate” for all sorts of reasons, to the point where I can’t recommend him or his site in general.  He’s really no better in this regard than those who go to the other extreme and call anyone who professes Christ, regardless of what they believe about him, to be their brothers in Christ.  Nonetheless, while I don’t approve of the author, the article itself was simply too good to pass up.  There are a number of excellent comparisons on here that I’ve borrowed, and its one of the best anti-imperialist arguments that I’ve seen.  So, despite the qualifications I needed to provide before recommending this article, I wholeheartedly recommend it.  This is in no way an endorsement of his website, church, or anything else that he has written.

One comment I did want to make about the content: Carpenter’s assertion that none of the Founders were Christians is a doctrinal error, not a historical one.  Carpenter judges these people to be unsaved based on their doctrinal beliefs, not ignorance of history.  Just wanted to point that out in case anyone questions the accuracy of the article for that reason.

Freedoms I wish the Military Were Defending, By Laurence Vance

Disclaimer: Unless you are already a principled libertarian, you will probably not like Laurence Vance the first time you read him.  I don’t think this anymore, but I used to think he was too harsh, until I read and studied more.  Keep this in mind.

Although it may feel like a withdrawal at first, Vance destroys a number of misconceptions about the State, the Military, and freedom in one article.  I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Jesus is an anarchist by James Redford

I admit I don’t really like the title of this one.  The term “anarchist” doesn’t appear anywhere in the Bible, and I wouldn’t want to pin Jesus or his Apostles with any titles other than ones that the Bible uses.  However, I think this is an interesting  essay that’s well-worth reading and thinking through.  The author primarily focuses on the political applications of certain things Jesus says, and of course there are non-political applications as well, which he doesn’t address as much considering the thesis of his essay. Nonetheless, I see no way to reconcile the things Jesus says with support for conventional, worldy governments, and the essay posted above does a good job describing this.

Furrthermore, I recommend the LewRockwell.com Blog and Liberty Forest.  Both have a variety of posters and are being updated, so I don’t necessarily condone everything there,  but both have some compelling things to read.  Liberty Forest in particular is where I usually end up getting links to news stories, and the posters can usually see through the nonsense that is taught by the mainstream media.  There’s also a guest forum where you can ask questions, so its definitely an excellent resource.


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