On this blog I’ll be discussing topics relating to the gospel of Jesus Christ, Christian theology, the link between theology and politics, political issues in general, political candidates, and other issues relating to these.

I am a born-again Christian, attend a Baptist church, and am politically a libertarian anarcho-capitalist.  This means I support replacing the conventional civil government with a free-market legal system and free-market law enforcement.  I believe strongly, despite the size and influence of the “religious right”,  that the Bible teaches that libertarian anarcho-capitalism is the most moral form of political order that can exist, and is the most consistent with the Ten Commandments, to which God makes no exceptions for governing leaders.  My political commentary comes from this perspective.

More importantly, however, I believe that the only method of salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  There is no  other option, there is no other gospel.  Those who place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as a substitutionary sacrifice for their sins are my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Anyone who believes in a gospel of faith and works, or just works, is at war with Christ.  These people need to repent of their false religion and accept the one true gospel.  All of my work is, most importantly of all, intended to point people to this important message.

Although this is not set in stone, my plan is to write weekly, either on Thursday Night or sometime Friday.  If you check the blog weekly, you should have no problems keeping up.

I pray that everything I write will be for God’s glory, and to proclaim that which he has shared with his people in His Word.  Praise God for his grace!


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