I intended to update a little earlier than this but this is when I got to it, so here we are.  Today I added the page “Ask a Question” and posts “Nonsense in the UK, will the US Quickly Follow” and “Nonsense in the UK, will the US Quickly Follow” Part 2.  This week I decided not to post quite as much as I normally do, in order to give readers time to catch up on stuff I’ve previously written, if desired.  I may or may not pick up the pace again next week, depending on what I feel compelled to write about at the time.

I considered writing something specific about Thanksgiving, but then I checked LewRockwell.com and the first two articles I read for the day I would consider far more worth taking the time to read than anything I could put together before going to bed tonight (well, this morning, at this point.)  

If you want to take the time to read one article this week, I’d recommend the one LewRockwell.com reprinted, by Judge Andrew Napolitano.  The first two paragraphs of the article are quoted below:

“What if another Thanksgiving Day is upon us and because of the government we have less to be thankful for than we did at the last one? What if at every Thanksgiving liberty is weakened and the government is strengthened? What if Thanksgiving’s warm and breezy seduction of gratitude is just the government’s way of inducing us to think we should be grateful for it?

What if we don’t owe the government any thanks for anything? What if the government owes us back all the freedom and property it has stolen from us? What if the government has produced nothing and owns nothing, save what it has coerced us to give it? What if the courts have ruled that the government can lie and cheat with impunity in order to acquire our property or assault our freedoms?”


Read more below:




I’d be happy if you’d even read through that one, but if you still have time on your hands, I’d recommend this article by Tom Dilorenzo about Abraham Lincoln and the origins of Thanksgiving as a national holiday (note that Tom Dilorenzo is not claiming Thanksgiving as such originated with Lincoln, simply its status as a national holiday.)  The article is here


I thought  this quote from 1863 shows just how long ago we lost our country:


“Nationalize as much as possible” to “make men love their country before their states.  All private interests, all local interests, all banking interests, the interests of individuals, everything, should be subordinate now to the interest of the Government.”

–Senator John Sherman, 1863 (Cited in Heather Cox Richardson, The Greatest Nation on the Earth, p. 87


If anyone cannot immediately see how disgusting this is, please do comment, because I’d be very disappointed if you left here and still couldn’t see it.


Barring anything exceptional that I feel needs to be posted, I’ll likely be updating next week either Thursday Night or sometime during the day Friday, as usual.  Until then, God bless and have a wonderful week.




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