Welcome to my blog.  Like the name says, this will be a blog about liberty and the gospel.

Of course, the greatest liberty of all is found only in Jesus Christ.  For those of you who already know him, praise God!  You are free!  No matter how quickly and how horribly this country continues to go downhill, you will still be more free than a lost man who lived under the Articles of Confederation or the Presidencies of John Tyler or Grover Cleveland.  As Christians we have been freed from our sins.  Despite the fact that we cannot live a righteous life that we might be acceptable to God, Christ, God in the Flesh, came to  earth as a man that he might live a perfect, sinless life, and then die on the cross to redeem his people.  May God forgive me when I lose sight of this precious truth.

On the other hand, if you don’t already know him, if you don’t believe what I just said there, you are not at peace with God.  No matter where you live, or what your situation in life is, you are not truly free.

The gospel is the message of how sinners are made free, free from their infinite debt before God and from their sinful nature.  Other freedoms, such as political freedom or financial freedom, are temporal.  The freedom we have in the gospel is eternal.  Praise God!

However, this is not the only freedom I will be talking about, although I pray that it will be my first focus.  I’ll also be talking about, as I mentioned, the rapidly deteriorating state of our freedom in this country. Although it was never the first focus, there is Biblical precedent for this.  Right off the top of my head, I think about the scripture that I decided to use in lieu of a description for this blog.  Immediately after this scripture, in verses 10-18, Samuel discusses the temporal freedoms that will be lost if the Israelis continue to demand a King.    These things include tax rates of 10% and forced “national service.” The United States has a tax rate well in excess of 10%, as well as a system of conscription known as “Selective service” which has been used as a system of forced national service in the past.   And many Christians are OK with this!  Samuel wasn’t, and we shouldn’t be either.

This is why I chose the name “libertyandthegospel” rather than something that more clearly links the two like “libertyisthegospel” or “libertyinthegospel”.  Not every issue is a gospel issue.  The gospel is a specific message about how Christ came to die for his people, so that they would be saved.    So, while I hope and pray that everything I post here will be through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and will ultimately point to the gospel, I am not saying that everything that I post here actually is the gospel, or that every Christian will agree with everything that I say.  

I pray that you  will read what I say with an open mind and an open Bible.  Search the scriptures to see if what I am saying about any given topic is true.  And above all, to God alone be the glory in everything that I do.

I’ll be getting into some of the political issues I mentioned in later blog entries, but for my next post I’m going to avoid taking on those topics.  Instead, I’m going to spend some time discussing the most important question ever asked  Stay tuned.




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