I don’t go around looking for people to judge unsaved, but I have heard far too many Christians tell me, and have read too many comments on the internet, saying that “George W. Bush is a man of God”, and worse, trying to argue that George W. Bush may actually have been led by God to declare war on Iraq! This video shows that Bush is actually a universalist, and not a Christian.

Note that I am not using this video to prove that the Iraq War is wrong, I did that in my previous post. I am simply saying that to argue to the justice of the action because of George W. Bush’s faith or that he was called by God is clearly wrong.


3 thoughts on “George W. Bush’s “Christianity”

  1. Says the little troll who cannot even spell the word “talking.”

    I am neither conservative nor liberal. I am a Christian anarcho-capitalist/libertarian (Either term will work, depending on context.) I believe voluntarily interacting markets should replace governmental functions, and that to initiate force against other people is inherently wrong. I do not believe defensive force is immoral, nor proportional retaliation against those who commit crimes.

    My general political philosophy can be summarized in the following articles:



    And see my recommended reading list:


    Also:I highly recommend essentially anything by Ron Paul or Laurence Vance… being fallible human beings, we’re all wrong on some points, but I agree with the vast majority of their views.

    Regarding the original topic of the post: Bush’s Christianity, did you even watch the video or did you just see criticism of Bush and reflexively shout “liberal”?

    Come on, you can do better than that.

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